You don’t often associate the Greek metal scene with this kind of band but, given the political and financial turmoil ruining the country at the moment, maybe an album like Poisonous Legacy is exactly the kind of thing they need? Having been peddling their pungent, rancid ferocity for almost ten years now, Poisonous Legacy is a crushing affair from start to finish.

In no mood to mess about, Sarabante simply crash through track after track of European hardcore with the whole affair lasting no more than thirty odd minutes. To be honest though, the Greek band don’t really need much longer than that to hammer their point home and, by Jesus, do they hammer it home. Enhanced by a crystal clear production, the raw, unadulterated rage of tracks like “Mass Grave” and “Black Thorns” shifts the whole thing to a different level. Make no mistake this isn’t some two-bit hardcore band making a racket in the depths of some dank rehearsal room….

Well, actually, while you might not be able to describe them as a two-bit hardcore band, listening to the way they set about laying waste to tracks like “Eternal Complacency”, this kind of vicious rage can only come from the depths of a dank rehearsal room and, couple that with the financial and political shitstorm your country is in and you have the recipe for an album very much like this one.

Poisonous Legacy Track Listing:

01. All That Remained
02. A Day With No Sun To Rise
03. In Deceit Times
04. Eternal Complacency
05. Mass Grave
06. Ruination
08. Forwarned Epilogue
09. Mneme’s Amaurosis
10. Black Thorns

Run Time: 36:27
Release Date: June 10, 2016

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