Hardcore veterans Ringworm are one of those bands that just exist with the sole purpose of churning out fairly rotten hardcore. Having been knocking around since the ’90s, the Cleveland group were responsible for some influential noises early on in their career. Since getting back together in 2001, picking up where they left off, the hardcore outfit (with whatever line-up they choose) have continued spawning albums that, while they don’t redefine the hardcore genre anymore, are certainly going to leave their size nine boot print on it.

Following on from their last offering, 2014’s Hammer Of The Witch, Snake Church sees the band scything down weaker acts in typically raucous fashion. Brutal blasts of hardcore, Slayer-tinged thrash like “Temple Of The Wolves” see the band barrelling through proceedings in workman like fashion while “Destroy Or Create” will fall favourably upon the ears of those who are looking for the guys to explore more old-school hardcore roots.

Still, whether you’re a fan of the more out and out thrash style Ringworm employ, or the more traditional hardcore/punk element, Snake Church probably has something for you. Regardless of who is in the band these days, one common element has run through every incarnation of the group and that is that, no matter how old they get, Ringworm sound as royally pissed-off as they did back in the nineties.

Performed at ferocious pace, tracks like “The Razor and The Knife” and “Brotherhood Of The Midnight Sun” may not be filled with surprises but have enough groove to keep them interesting and, you know, at this stage in their long, consistent career, that’s probably the best you’re going to get from these Cleveland scrappers.

Snake Church Track Listing:

01. Snake Church
02. Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun
03. Fear the Silence
04. The Black Light of a Living Ghost
05. Destroy or Create
06. Shades of Blue
07. Innocent Blood
08. The Apparition
09. Believer
10. The Razor and The Knife
11. Angel of War
12. Temple of the Wolves

Run Time: 32:34
Release Date: July 29, 2016

Check out the track “Snake Church”


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