Ever have those moments where you just feel like zoning out from the rest of the world and soaking in some good tunes? Toronto-native Rick Moss is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, and songwriter, who’s been making music for over a decade. Elephant Philosophy is his debut EP, and it features his work on all instruments and vocals.

There’s no doubt that Moss has got talent – you can already tell by the fact that he produces his music entirely himself. Elephant Philosophy is a blend of alternative rock with influences of classic alternative, punk, metal, jazz, and blues. It’s not the kind of music I’d typically listen to, but I definitely found it enjoyable. Moss’ lyrics allude to the abstract and rhetorical ways in which we think about everyday things like love, fear, life, and death, making it an ideal EP for chilling out and thinking about life.

Elephant Philosophy Track Listing:

01. God of All Things
02. Lifted
03. Hour Glass
04. Monsters
05. Smiley Osiris

Run Time: 14:09
Release Date: June 6, 2016

Check out Elephant Philosophy here: