Just in time for the waning of the summer season comes this incendiary release from My Iron Lung, a love song to the emo and punk genres alike, and a remarkable overture from a band that has seen criminally little exposure. But that might just be about to change given the mature and accomplished musicianship on display in this release. One can’t but help be drawn in by the tugging of heartstrings that prevails across the album, albeit in a variety of ways that keeps the listener enraptured and the tempo upbeat despite the content of the lyrics.

There is a lot to love about this album, not least of which being the guitar work on display. Far be it from being pigeonholed into one particular genre, there are moments of soaring pop sensibility (such as on “Mend”), Modest Mouse-esque reflections (“A Reason To Worry”), and driving, vengeful spurts of pained expression (“Damage”). Wrapping it all up together are the vocals that are abrasive and yet remain honest and untempered, giving the impression that this is someone on the brink of understanding something deeply painful about the world.

Of course, you’ve heard this album before, whether it’s by the band themselves or any of the other legion of emo/punk/hardcore/skramz hybrids that are releasing a wide array of releases these days. I won’t fault the genre, because it’s always had a large number of acts attempting to recreate some of the progenitors of the genre. My Iron Lung just happen to be one of the few decent attempts at this, and this latest release is one that should stay on your radar.

Learn The Leave Track Listing:

01. Hiding
02. Learn To Leave
03. Damage
04. The Same House
05. Somnium
06. A Reason To Worry
07. Mend
08. Sleep Cycle Blues
09. When Tragedy Strikes
10. Anchorage
11. Certainty

Run Time: 32:19
Release Date: August 5, 2016

Check out the track “Damage”