There are times when I listen to albums and look off into the distance and remember years past, when bands like Botch and Curl Up And Die were the currency of kids trying their level best to tear the roofs off basements of whatever local mission or church or community centre that made the mistake of hosting local hardcore shows.

In this nostalgic example, MySpace was the only arbiter of musical experience and exchange, and in these pre-Kanye years, labels like Hydrahead and Debello were just some examples of a brand of heavy that is relatively overshadowed by the last decade’s fascination with powerviolence, ’80s worship, noise, kvlt, and black metal. So it’s a breath of fresh air when I can hear a band, from the second it opens, that somehow manages to straddle the line between the chaotic, abrasive production of today, and still manages to hearken its sound back to the bands of the early ’00s.

And it works, my friend. Everything from the vocals that at times remind me of The Bled, guitar work ripped right out of Norma Jean and Breather Resist, and drums that can deliver like Between The Buried And Me. Yet none of it feels utterly derivative. It is a masterfully mastered record, and doesn’t let the listener take a breath it doesn’t want them to.

Overall, the strength of the release is its intense production, straightforward yet chaotic approach to extreme hardcore, and its brilliant pacing throughout the entire record. Its captivating stuff, and not one that I was anticipating. I would highly recommend this for anyone with a deep appreciation for the juggernauts of ’00s metalcore or contemporary extreme hardcore. But then again, anyone with a pulse who likes heavy music will find little reason not to enjoy this hectic and well-written release.

Innate Track Listing:

01. Scars Of Grief
02. This Ground Is Cursed
03. Innate
04. A Lie In Futility
05. Open Vein
06. Forfeit
07. Seasons And Trials
08. Like The Leech On Our Skin
09. Relief Of Sin
10. When Aid Has Become Poison

Run Time: 22:39
Release Date: September 9, 2016

Check out the song “Scars of Grief”