Alright, let’s get it out of the way: the album art on Devil To Pay’s latest LP is decidedly some of the kitschiest shit I could ever hope to cover an LP that is bizarrely suited to my own interests in sci-fi, occult, and other subjects verging on the outlandish and bizarre. But with that said, what’s underneath the cover is a pure shot of rock and roll.

In fact, this release is bizarre in the sense that it’s namesake, A Bend Through Space and Time, applies to the genre work on display here. Straight up Zep, Motorhead and Sabbath are at their fullest influence on this album, but it manages to avoid impression and stay in the realm of homage. A good thing too, because this is basically a rock and roll recording that actually deserves to be listened to and, dare I say this in the year 2016, be given a space among all the other punk and metal outfits today.

There’s enough of a metal influence to give the guitar work some grit, and enough heat in the vocals to keep you glued to your seat. And frankly, that’s all you need. It’s rock and roll, flower, and you better get used to it, because if bands begin emulating and paying homage this well, I can foresee legions more joining the race to the floral prints and polyester shirts.

Of course, if you like it fast, tough titty for you. This is an album that is decidedly in the mid-tempo range. But I think this actually works in its favour, and of course when the exceptions come on they’re a shot in the arm for the whole effort, with highlights like “Recommended Daily Dosage” and crowd favourite “Your Inner Lemmy”.

And of course the vocals are the highlight of the album. They manage to be incendiary, while the lyrics eschew being clever and instead beg the listener to join in, just in case you were wondering whether this was an entirely worthless investment. Instead, this is a solid showcase of what it means to be a true rock and roll band in the 21st century. Let it be said: I think this is excellent rock and roll and if you have any love or even just nostalgia for Led Zeppelin or Motorhead, you need to give this album a fair shake, alien Shiva titties and all.

A Bend Through Space and Time Track Listing:

01. On And On (In Your Mind)
02. Don’t Give Away The World
03. Kobold In The Breadbasket
04. Laughingstock
05. The Meaning Of Life
06. Recommended Daily Dosage
07. Knuckledragger
08. Kerfuffle
09. Your Inner Lemmy
10. The Demons Come Home To Roost

Run Time: 43:48
Release Date: August 12, 2016

Check out the song “Kerfuffle”