It’s 2016 and the post-hardcore genre, like every other popular genre before it (i.e. metalcore), has been done to death. So, with that in mind, any new release adding to this over-saturated pool is going to have to go some to stand its own against the leaders of the genre else be left in a trailing pack content to pick up the pieces of this genre’s admittedly fiercely loyal fanbase. So where does that put Southampton newcomers Decipher and their debut EP Blame Yourself?

Well, after a few listens to this EP, it’s hard to see how Decipher are going to really nudge their way into to the top echelons of the genre. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with what they offer up in way of music on this EP but, at the same time, despite the personal nature of the material, it’s hard to find that magic ingredient that turns this into something special. Gritty, emotional and personal are all traits associated with the post-hardcore scene and Blame Yourself is no different. Right through to the title track, Decipher and more importantly frontman Calum Stone, throw their entire heart and soul into the material and, listening to Stone scream his highly personal words, it’s impossible to deny the honesty on display.

As a debut piece of work there is nothing wrong at all with Blame Yourself. The problem is that, in the back of my mind, the phrase “no different” is niggling away at me as Blame Yourself pours out of my stereo and, for all the grit and emotion the Southampton outfit throw into their work, here’s hoping that, going forward, they can start to define their own sound and find that wow factor.

Blame Yourself Track Listing:

01. Prelude
02. Shadows
03. Without You
04. What Strength I Have Left
05. Complacent
06. Blame Yourself

Run Time: 25:12
Release Date: September 30, 2016

Check out the song “Blame Yourself”

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