I originally was going to review this whole album, but honestly, I just can’t stomach listening to more after about 4 songs. Carnifex’s sixth full-length album, Slow Death, is cookie-cutter, generic death metal, nothing more, nothing less. What gives me the right to write this? Well, I’ve been listening to death metal since before the members of Carnifex were probably conceived, that’s why! So, the best I can muster is a song review. I’d rather do the dishes than try to power through this album again.

I chose to review the track “Drown Me in Blood” because it’s considered the first “single” off the album. Carnifex are solid musicians, what they fail at are original hooks and “Drown Me in Blood” is a microcosm of that. Everything that you listen for in a death metal song is in there; singer growling/snarling non-stop, double bass cannon drumming up the wazoo, non-existent bass guitar and even some spooky keyboards for added effect. It even has a “Look brah…I can shred!” guitar solo.

The song is about putting negative emotions and depression into physical form. Oh yeah? When I listened to the song I became sad and angry at the same time because I lost 4 minutes of my life which now I can’t get back. So I guess there’s that…. This band has a large following, I’m just not one of them.

Run Time: 4:18
Release Date: August 5, 2016

Check out the song “Drown Me In Blood”