I went through a whirlwind of emotions while listening to Trapt’s new album DNA. My first memory of Trapt’s music dates back to when I was in middle school, and I remember hearing it on the radio as my sister would drive us around, one of my first tastes of post-grunge/nu-metal. So, there’s obvious nostalgia involved, but I quickly got into metalcore, and while listening to this album I started Googling all of the radio rock hits since then, and I realized how far removed radio “rock” has become from “hard rock”. Imagine Dragons doesn’t really strike me as “rock”, but I guess everything is relative.

My favorite aspect of Trapt has always has been and always will be Chris Taylor Brown’s vocal timbre. There’s a bite to it that few clean vocalists have, like a margarita with extra “ita,” so it was nice to hear that stylistically the vocals are comparable to what I remember. Vocal hooks, particularly their rhythms, are the definitive strengths of this album. “Changing Hands” being my fav. track, it is a great example of some ear worm vocals that I find myself casually reciting while performing at my weekly grocery store, self-checkout gig.

It was also a pleasant surprise to hear some double pedal kick rhythms on “Human (Like The Rest Of Us)” that syncs up w/ some quicker guitar rhythms. If I could have MY way, I would have done a whole bunch more of that throughout the album, but I understand that Trapt’s sound lies more w/ Hard Rock… but one can always hope. Solid album, guys! I don’t really know what else to say. For me, it came kinda out of nowhere because I had no idea that this album was happening. I guess they forgot to call me. Understandable.

DNA Track Listing:

02. Human (Like The Rest Of Us)
03. It’s Over
04. Tangled Up In You
05. Changing Hands
06. Unforgiven
07. Passenger
08. Anchor
09. Not So Different
10. Castaway
11. Getting Even
12. Fallen Angel

Run Time: 44:17
Release Date: August 19, 2016

Check out the song “Human (Like The Rest Of Us)”