In terms of grand metal albums that have almost operatic approaches to their composition, Redemption have churned out a monster of a release. If you have any love for Meatloaf, power metal, or Christian themes of inner struggle and loss, then this is your steez. Otherwise, this is an insurmountable album that is as exhausting a listen as it is to like.

Coming in at a whopping hour and 15 minutes, The Art of Loss is bloated with songs and parts (and solos, I know this is prog metal, but even this is excessive) that could have benefited from being left behind on the cutting room floor than padding out the band’s sixth full-length. It feels like they were commissioned to produce a hard rock soundtrack for the Devil May Cry franchise, and if that sounds appealing to you, congratulations, you are exactly the demographic who is going to enjoy this release. Chances are if you enjoy The Art of Loss you also enjoy discussing libertarian politics and trying on sensible fedoras. For the rest of us, I would advise that this particular offering from the band is more likely to solve any ongoing insomnia.

It’s not that The Art of Loss is particularly bad. It’s a fine prog album, but like most progressive metal, it falls into the trap of meandering solos and drawn-out instrumentation, a strange thing considering how rough the band’s circumstances have been in recent years. Through sickness and death, the guys have had a fair bit of bad luck in recent times. What’s more tragic, however, is seeing how flatly this album has landed. Here’s hoping that the coming years are kinder to them and that they are able to translate all that misfortune into an album that feels less “spilled red wine” and more “piss and vinegar”.

The Art of Loss Track Listing:

01. The Art Of Loss
02. Slouching Towards Bethlehem
03. Damaged
04. Hope Dies Last
05. That Golden Light
06. Thirty Silver
07. The Center Of The Fire
08. Love Reign O’er Me
09. At Day’s End

Run Time: 1:15:58
Release Date: February 26, 2016

Check out the song “The Art of Loss”