For over two decades the English born guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite has shared stages with a plethora of notable musical acts. The multi-talented musician can be heavy and hard with his guitar riffs, or a little hazy and measured in a grim gothic tone. MGT basically has a style that cannot be pigeonholed into one particular sound.

Thwaite has taken his diverse sound and teamed up with various artists producing fourteen entertaining tracks on this solo album, Volumes. The line-up on Volumes is loaded with artists from different musical backgrounds and, with each different artist bringing in their own brand of vocals to add to Thwaite’s music, the end result is a collection of songs that are a definite must-hear.

An album with many highlights, the collaboration between Thwaite and HIM vocalist Ville Valo on the classic ABBA track “Knowing Me Knowing You” is one of the stand-out tracks. A sincere and interesting project, the complete album is definitely worth a listen even just to hear what Thwaite and this assortment of musicians comes up with.

Volumes Track Listing:

01. Knowing Me Knowing You
02. You Can’t Go Back
03. The Reaping
04. Another Snake in the Grass
05. It Won’t Take U Long
06. Star Struck Eyes
07. Sweet Valentine
08. Jesamine
09. Seconds
10. Another Day Back
11. Coming Clean
12. Drive and Forget
13. Black Heart
14. Dark Storm

Run Time: 57:47
Release Date: June 24, 2016

Check out the video for “Knowing Me, Knowing You”