UK band Loathe have a mysterious air about them with their debut EP, Prepare Consume Proceed, having already seen a self-release in October of last year. Well, the band have now signed to fledgling label Sharptone Records, sharing a home with Atilla and We Came As Romans amongst others so, along with the fact imminent tour dates with Carcer City, now seems the ideal time to spruce up this EP and give it the re-issue treatment.

Compared to the likes of Volumes, the UK outfit peddle that bouncy, crunchy djenty guitar sound that we’ve all heard before, you know the one, heavy yet, at the same time, sickeningly hooky. However, where Loathe differ comes when they mix up their sludgy, chuggy sound with a suffocating ambience to create something quite dark.

Adding a mildly disturbing air to the material on Prepare Consume Proceed, the EP may only be a short introduction to this band but, given the air of mystery that is causing a buzz on the UK underground, a new home and upcoming dates with new labelmates Carcer City, tracks like the punishing “Banshee”, while not really breaking any new ground, should surely push this intriguing band onto bigger things.

Prepare Consume Proceed Track Listing:

01. The Inevitable
02. Banshee
03. Sheol
04. In Death
05. Rest; In Violence
06. Solace; In Soil

Run Time: 18:44
Release Date: July 08, 2016

Check out the track “Sheol/In Death”

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