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Album Review

Kiefer Sutherland – Down In A Hole – Album Review



Warner Music Canada

By: Kat Harlton


Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, perhaps best known for this role as Jack Bauer on the hit TV series 24, surprised everyone when he announced that he was releasing his debut country album Down In A Hole,  Yet, something about it made me think: ‘Yeah, I can see that’.  Maybe it’s the rough and tumble personality he gives off, or the fact that he seems to have lived a life, taken a few knocks and had his heart broken. Regardless, I was interested to hear what he had to offer.

The perfect soundtrack for your Americana, dive bar road trip, All She Wrote starts off with an intro that would sound right at home during the duel scene in a modern western. Sutherland’s gritty vocals overlap electric guitar and crashing drums with the help of some female-backed harmonies. This is definitely my favorite track off the record.

Title track Down In A Hole is the kind I’d expect to hear playing during a rowdy bar fight, and just screams trouble with it’s whiny, intricate guitar riffs while ballad Not Enough Whiskey will appeal to those looking for something slower, likely fans of the classic 70’s-esque country sound.

Down In A Hole pleasantly surprised me and has a few hidden gems.  I encourage you to take a listen when given the chance.