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Jeff Beck – “Live in the Dark” [Song Review]

Guitar legend Jeff Beck returns with “Live In The Dark”, a new track from his upcoming album Loud Hailer. Read our review here…



For over fifty years the legendary guitar hero Jeff Beck has been bending the strings and making his instrument cry and sing while entertaining the masses with his hard rock/bluesy style of playing. And now the two-time Rock and Roll hall of famer is set to release his first studio album in six years, this being his fourth overall, entitled, Loud Hailer.

The new album features eleven tracks which offer up strong messages from the seventy-two year old legend, “I really wanted to make a statement about some of the nasty things I see going on in the world today,” Beck stated, “and I loved the idea of being at a rally and using this loud device (megaphone/loud hailer) to shout my point of view.”

The first single on this album is entitled “Live in the Dark”. It is a good song, nothing fancy about it but a good solid tune. I must say, despite being repetitious with the lyrics in this song, it does have a catchy beat and tremendous guitar riffs and rides, and the deeply strong vocals of Rosie Bones to drive this melody.

It is will be fascinating to see how this entire project sound upon being released.

Track Listing:

01. Live in the Dark

Release Date: July 15, 2016
Run Time: 3:47

Check out “Live In The Dark” here.