As an amazing treat we have for you on this fine Thursday, we are pleased to help premiere the latest record from Alabama heavy metal band Quinta Essentia! The engrossing, ten-track offering, and the band’s first since 2008’s Archetypal Transformation, was recorded and engineered by former drummer Lance Wright (former touring drummer for Vile, guitarist for Epoch Of Unlight et al) at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, Alabama and mixed by Wright and Colin Davis (Vile).

Their most industrious work to date both musically and thematically, Initiates Of The Great Work centres itself around alchemy, electromagnetic energy, the illusions manifested in our culture, expanded consciousness, and enduring the long journey while many aspects of modern culture seek to convince us how insignificant we are as beings. Just as the opening track “The Wanderer Travels” foretells, Quinta Essentia voyages with no regard for compromise to fit into subgenres or niches, crushing boundaries with aggressive, mystical art that hails the old ways of traditional metal while pushing forward into uncompromising territories.