Presently slaying Vans Warped Tour audiences with their brand of heavy-as-fuck rock, New Orleans quartet Cane Hill are gearing up to release their highly-anticipated full-length album, Smile, on July 15th via Rise Records (pre-order here). Recently, lead singer and throat ripper Elijah Witt checked in with us and offered up his thoughts on the Top 10 most grotesque moments in rock history.

10. Ozzy biting the head off of a bat seems like a mild way to start this.

09. GWAR, every single time they spray fake jizz everywhere. Entertaining but also kinda gross. I’d be down to go, but gross.

08. Iggy Pop keeps fucking vomiting on stage.

07. Shannon Hood from Blind Melon pissed on stage which for sure tops Iggy.

06. The Butthole Surfers + Acid + onstage sex + urine. I don’t feel like more details are needed.

05. DEP shit into a paper towel and then threw it into the crowd as a metaphor. (The trend here is bodily fluids.)

04. Maynard. Every show. Ever.

03. When Oer Yngve Ohlin (Dead) from Mayhem committing suicide by a shotgun blast to the head. When Euronymous found him, he went to the store for a disposable camera to take pictures before calling authorities. He was also rumored to have taken skull fragments and made necklaces. The photos later leaked and were used for a bootlegged live album.

02. Varg Vikernes (Burzum) murdering Euronymous (Mayhem). Allegedly Euronymous “planned” to torture and kill Varg while videoing it all. Varg arrived to Euronymous’ home and they fought with each another. Varg then stabbed Euronymous in the back and neck 23 times. Varg still claims it was out of self defense and shows no remorse.

01. When Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain because we all know she did.

Check out the song “MGGDA” (My Good God Damn America)

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