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Zakk Wylde – “Book of Shadows II” [Album Review]

Metal powerhouse Zakk Wylde returns with the long-awaited new chapter in his “Book Of Shadows” series however fans shouldn’t expect an album full of the kind of screaming riffs usually associated with Wylde.



Hard rocking powerhouse guitar giant, Zakk Wylde, is known for his screaming guitars, heavy sound, and metal attitude. The Jersey born musical legend has been tearing up the airwaves with his energetic playing style since debuting for Ozzy Osbourne in 1987. Since his conception as a professional guitarist, Zakk has played his way to iconic proportion, becoming not only a guitar great, but also a heavy influencer on a plethora of different artists in the musical world.

The Osbourne and Wylde combination produced five studio albums, and three live albums. He cut one record with his old band, Pride & Glory, and thirteen with his band, Black Label Society. Twenty years ago Zakk produced a solo album, Book of Shadows, and this past April, he threw down another helping of melodies with his solo project, Book of Shadows II. One word of warning with this chapter though, if you are looking for the heavy riffs, or eardrum-shattering, screeching guitars that one is accustomed to hearing from Zakk Wylde, you will not find it on this new release. There is no aggression in this project whatsoever. What you will encounter, however, is melodic music, sweet-sounding acoustic tones, and exceptional vocal harmony.

The album has an easy feeling to it, a laid back sensation where the listener can sit and relax while being entertained. All fourteen songs portray honesty in the lyrics which is clearly proven on the recording’s last song, “The King”, while “Lost Prayer” features a heart-pounding solo from Zakk. Unlike Zakk’s previous work, this album isn’t heavy or hard; it’s just honest and harmonious, and one you will find yourself listening to over and over again.

Book of Shadows II Track Listing:

01. Autumn Changes
02. Tears of December
03. Lay Me Down
04. Lost Prayer
05. Darkest Hour
06. The Levee
07. Eyes of Burden
08. Forgotten Memory
09. Yesterday’s Tears
10. Harbors of Pity
11. Sorrowed Regret
12. Useless Apologies
13. Sleeping Dogs
14. The King

Run Time: 62:55
Release Date: April 8, 2016

Check out the track “Sleeping Dogs”