Over the course of his career, Mark Tremonti has become a name synonymous with two of the biggest bands in the modern hard rock scene. From his days in opinion-splitting grunge rockers Creed to his more recent output as part of million-selling rock titans Alter Bridge, it’d also be fair to say that anything Tremonti puts his name to turns to musical gold.

Moving away from the arena-filling, unit-shifting hard rock of his other bands, Tremonti sees the guitarist show off another side to his persona as he explores a harder, heavier world. Dust is the third album Tremonti has issued under his own name and also the partner album to the critically acclaimed Cauterize disc. Jam packed with teeth-rattling riffs, Dust is a thunderous affair roaring into life with the thrashy drive of “My Last Mistake”. Unrestrained by the chains of producing mainstream rock anthems, Dust sees Tremonti really letting rip with his both his voice and his guitar. “The Cage”, “Catching Fire” and the frantic “Rising Storm” batter you with a barrage of grungy metallic riffs, the kind of which you’d not get within a hundred miles of an Alter Bridge album.

However, if the more epic-sounding big rock anthems are what you want, Tremonti doesn’t disappoint as both the title track and “Never Wrong” will give you your fix. Furthermore, while there is no denying the talent of Tremonti as a musician, he doesn’t lack anything in the vocal department either, delivering a range that matches the grunge-tainted, riff-laden direction of Dust.

If you have been weened on a diet of Tremonti’s previous work, especially that of Creed, expect to be shocked when he unleashes Dust on your ears. This is the sound of a man who is free from record label and fan expectations and is simply enjoying being able to pick up his axe and crank the shit out of it.

Dust Track Listing:

01. My Last Mistake
02. The Cage
03. Once Dead
04. Dust
05. Betray Me
06. Tore My Heart Out
07. Catching Fire
08. Never Wrong
09. Rising Storm
10. Unable To See

Run Time: 42:51
Release Date: April 29, 2016

Check out the track “Dust”


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