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The Hyena Kill – “Atomised” [Album Review]

Had a shitty, day? Well then, Atomised, could be precisely the album you need in your life right now…



“There’s nothing more therapeutic than screaming your head off,” says Steven Dobb, vocalist/guitarist of The Hyena Kill. “When you’ve had a shit day, it’s incredibly cathartic to step into a rehearsal room and just make the loudest noise imaginable.” Meet The Hyena Kill, a two-piece from Manchester who, once you’ve heard the throat-shredding rock of their debut album, Atomised, will be your favourite new band.

Atomised truly is a glorious listen. Take yourselves back to a time when the chaos of early Nirvana was fucking up the music scene and, listening to the likes of “Crosses” and “Still Sick”, you’ll get that same feeling in the pit of your stomach. For all the chaos and madness this Manchester pair create, the whole thing is pinned together by some massive hooks. Hooks so massive that, just when you think The Hyena Kill are about to lose complete control, they drag you back in with the kind of melody that just sinks into your mind. Demanding that you crank up Atomised as loud as fucking possible, “Choke” has the swagger of something you’d expect on a QOTSA record whereas “Your Loss” is a sweaty, thrashy slice of guitar-smashing rock.

Atomised is the kind of album that doesn’t follow any blueprint. It doesn’t stick to any particular formula – it just does exactly whatever the fuck it wants. All that it requires is for you to turn it up it as loud as you possibly can and just enjoy the chaos because, as we can testify to, you’ll feel a lot better for having done so!

Atomised Track Listing:

01. Crosses
02. Your Loss
03. Still Sick
04. The Waiting Room
05. Tongue Tied
06. Choke
07. Erase You
08. Atomised

Run Time: 32:44
Release Date: May 16, 2016

Check out the track “Crosses”

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