The Claypool Lennon Delirium is a new space rock duo comprised of Sean Lennon (John’s son with Yoko) and Primus vocalist/bassist Les Claypool. The pair are set to release their 11-track debut album, the psychedelically-named Monolith of Phobias, on June 3rd.

Not having listened to much of Sean Lennon’s previous material, and only knowing who Primus are thanks to South Park, I wasn’t sure what this collaboration would be like, though the aforementioned “space rock” tag didn’t exactly fill me with wanton anticipation. It pleases me greatly to say that, on the whole, the experience was quite enjoyable.

Opening number, the title track, is reminiscent of early Pink Floyd with its childlike whimsy and swooping melody. “Cricket and the Genie (Movement I)” is more upbeat but still sounds delightful thanks to its playful quaintness. “Movement II” drags on a bit though, as do one or two of the other tracks. “Mr. Wright” has a memorable hook and is pleasantly downbeat. The menacing “Breath of a Salesman” is more than just a quirky song title and “Captain Lariat” is suitably manic. A further highlight is “Bubbles Burst,” an outstanding tune that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a late-1960s Beatles album.

Like Claypool’s other work, Monolith of Phobos, might not be to everyone’s taste; however, his decision to join forces with Lennon was an inspired move on the part of these talented musicians and hopefully there’ll be a lot more to come from the Claypool Lennon Delirium.

Monolith of Phobos Track Listing:

01. The Monolith of Phobos
02. Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)
03. Cricket and The Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
04. Mr. Wright
05. Boomerang Baby
06. Breath of a Salesman
07. Captain Lariat
08. Ohmerica
09. Oxycontin Girl
10. Bubbles Burst
11. There’s No Underwear In Space

Run Time: 50:12
Release Date: 03 June, 2016

Check out the track “Mr.Wright” here.