Melodic, dark and progressive… that is how you’d described the death metal being peddled by Melbourne, Australia’s five-piece band, Be’lakor. Due out on June 24, 2016 via Napalm Records, Vessels is the group’s new 8-track offering – and fourth full-length thus far – and it just rips! Technically impressive but still steeped in dense, disturbing passages, Be’lakor’s new music is positively dangerous. Incidentally, so is this exclusive TOP 10 list wherein the band rank Australia’s most dangerous wildlife.

10. Synanceia Stonefish
One of the most venomous fish known. Stings are usually caused when they’re stepped on, and can be fatal if not treated.

09. Taipan
A really nasty snake. Large, fast-moving and with a highly neurotoxic venom.

08. Cone Snail
These are predatory sea snails. About 166 species occur in Australian waters. The mollusc-eating species in particular can cause serious injury with venomous barbs.

07. Australian Paralysis Tick
A bite starts with itchiness, and can be followed with flu-symptoms, rashes, limb weakness and partial face paralysis.

06. Blue Ringed Octopus
The nerve toxins of this octopus are the same which are found in the fugu fish, a Japanese delicacy. Fans of the Simpsons will recall that Homer survived this meal in Season 2. It also has blue blood.

05. Brown Snake
Despite its innocuous name, the brown snake is the second most venomous in the world. It’s also well known for its aggression and speed. According to the internet, when highly agitated, they sit up in an S-shape.

04. Funnel Web Spider
Widely regarded as one of the most dangerous spiders, the Funnel Web is aggressive and extremely venomous. We understand that its fangs are able to piece fingernails. This is a great excuse for poor guitar playing.

03. Saltwater Crocodile
Renowned for its aggression, the longest saltwater Croc ever measured was 6.4m (21ft). It could have weighed more than 1000kg. There are rumours of some Crocs reaching 8m long.

02. Irukandji Jellyfish
Tiny and almost invisible. Their stings can cause brain hemorrhages. Enough said.

01. Box Jellyfish
One of the most venomous fish known. Stings are usually caused when they’re stepped on, and can be fatal if not treated. Its tentacles are more or less invisible and have millions of harpoons that simultaneously inject venom. It can kill in minutes.

Check out the song “Roots To Sever”


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