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Otep – “Generation Doom” [Album Review]

Staying faithful to the nu-metal sound which served their debut well, Otep return with their latest album. Read our review here..



I’ll be the first to admit that after Otep released their debut album, Sevas Tra, back in 2002, I didn’t really pay any attention to them. So much so, that I was rather surprised when I discovered they were releasing a new album, not to mention that after a quick internet search I had somehow also missed five other albums in between.

Although from the early moments of Generation Doom it becomes clear that the band haven’t really progressed much musically since their debut – opener “Zero” is very much nu-metal by numbers – it is also nice to hear that they have stuck to the nu-metal sound throughout their career. Thankfully, the whole album isn’t quite a formulaic as the opening track and in, especially with “In Cold Blood”, the band have written some fantastic songs.

Generation Doom is not going to break any new ground, in fact it still has the feel of an album released in the heydays of nu-metal, but weirdly that is the most appealing thing about it. It’s refreshing to hear nu-metal can still be done well and, for those like me who lost their way with both the genre and Otep, this is a great release to get right back into it.

Generation Doom Track Listing:

01. Zero
02. Feeding Frenzy
03. Lords Of War
04. Royals
05. In Cold Blood
06. Down
07. God Is A Gun
08. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts
09. No Color
10. Lie
11. Generation Doom
12. On The Shore

Run Time: 55:13
Release Date: April 15, 2016

Check out the track “In Cold Blood”