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We’ve featured them before and we’re doing it again! Ajax, Ontario-based alternative/progressive rock act, Mother Leads, only continue to get better and we’re armed ourselves with clear evidence in the form of this free download of the group’s song “Lost Cosmonauts”. For the uninitiated, Mother Leads pack melody, hooks, big riffs and tight drumming into an eargasm of rock and roll… but don’t take our word for it, just hit play!

Of the song “Lost Cosmonauts” the band notes: “Sometimes leaving it all behind means that you end back up where you started. We’ve found that music is best set against the vacuum of space… the never-ending expanse that begs to be flooded with all that your imagination can conjure, until the inevitable return to Terra Firma. ‘Lost Cosmonauts’ or ‘Lost Cosmos’, whichever you prefer, is a soundtrack for your imagination.. it’s the dream of loss and rediscovery that we’ve all experienced. Wether it be your town or city, job or family, boyfriend or girlfriend..or even your metaphorical ‘space ship’.. we hope this track will guide you back home.”


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