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KilliT – “Shut It Down” [Album Review]

Despite the best efforts of the grunge scene to kill off hard rock in the 90’s, albums like Shut It Down by KilliT show the scene is still alive and kicking.



One thing you notice about American rock bands is that they’re not ashamed to dabble in what one would describe as “the classic sound”. KilliT are one of those groups with their new album Shut It Down jam-packed full of anthemic classic rock, the kind to which your parents would have been singing along during the ‘80s hard rock explosion.

Not that it sounds dated mind you. Quite the opposite, in fact Shut It Down is one of those albums that manages to capture everything about the older hard rock scene and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern age. While the principal is still the same, however, grinding rockers like “Take The Power” and the chugging “Dragging Me Down” take the big riffs, big choruses and big vocals and just give them an massive injection of modern rock.

The latter (“Dragging Me Down”) being the perfect example of how KillIT have one foot planted firmly in with the classic bands and have no intention of removing it. Even when the band slow it down for the expected ballad “Our Last Goodbye”, it’s done with class and pedigree.

Elsewhere across the media, KilliT have been likened to fellow classic rockers Alter Bridge and while that’s a lofty comparison, there is definitely a likeness at times throughout Shut It Down, in that both bands share a love for big, anthemic hard rock. In the ‘90s, grunge did a very good job of almost killing off the hard rock scene. I say almost because, thankfully, through bands like KilliT and albums like Shut It Down, the hard rock scene is still very much alive and kicking.

Shut It Down Track Listing:

01. Shut It Down
02. Say My Name
03. Calm Before The Storm
04. See The End
05. Take The Power
06. Our Last Goodbye
07. I Ain’t Playing Your Game
08. Calling You For The Very Last Time
09. Dragging Me Down
10. Draw The Line
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Crash And Burn

Run Time: 50:57
Release Date: May 6, 2016

Check out the track “Take The Power”

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