I’m not going to be kind, and it’s because I shouldn’t be: This is the same type of bland metalcore generica where dreams go to die. With that said, it’s important to review things while remaining as free of one’s own biases as much as possible, so what follows is my attempt to reconcile my hatred for this type of “rawr” metalcore with my ability to remain somewhat objective.

This album is post-metalcore. It is a type of hardcore that relies heavily on breakdowns, where the song slows down and once upon a time people could properly kick the shit out of each other and has since become an excuse for waify teens to flail aimlessly for the internet’s pleasure. It relies on metallic tones on guitars while retaining its punk influence in the percussion department. It’s “post” because it also incorporates “spacey” guitar riffs and interludes, thus giving the impression of being “emotional” or “artsy”. There are also “djent” guitar parts (read: low, flat farts of tone that were popular for all of a minute a few years ago) interspersed throughout the album. What’s that? Oh yes, sorry, I forgot to mention: of course, there’s occasional pop singing over the screaming.

On balance, these guys have great production value on their record. But I don’t need to hear it ever again. It’s bizarre hearing them flick through, making all these choices that are just as insincere as the next. What are you trying to tell me? Are you angry? I’m not feeling it. Are you exhibiting virtuosic playing? Not by any stretch, really. Are you sad? I’m not getting that sense, even remotely. It’s not even exhilarating, really. Anything heavy is just sort of…mediocre. The greatest crime these guys are committing is making me yawn while they’re pulling all their punches on breakdowns. Congrats guys, even breakdowns are boring now. Thanks.

With all that said, it’s not my favourite thing, BUT, this band does get points because it’s clear that a ton of work went into making it, and if it wasn’t for that, it would be a much more dreary listen. As it stands, there are parts to get into, there are aspects that will be absolutely appealing to people who are willing to subject themselves to the trappings of metalcore today.

Lionheart Track Listing:

01. Wandering Sparrow
02. The November Diaries
03. Lionheart: Execution
04. The Altruistic Lung
06. I Watched the Snow Fall, and Bury Your Bones
07. Lionheart: Sonder
08. Wolfcrone
09. A Murder of Crows

Run Time: 33:24
Release Date: May 27, 2016

Check out the song “Altruistic Lung”