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Griever – “Soul Searcher” [EP] [Album Review]

The new EP from Bournemouth bruisers Griever contains a full-on barrage of In Flames meets Killswitch Engage riffery. Read our review here…



Thirty seconds into opener and title track “Soul Searcher” and it’s fair to say that Bournemouth metallic hardcore kids Griever will have you by the nuts. A full-on barrage of early In Flames meets Killswitch Engage shreddery, Soul Searcher is exactly how modern metal should sound.

Even at a brief six tracks long, Soul Searcher crams enough in those songs to do some serious damage. Frantic riffing, abrasive vocals and melodies that most traditional metal bands would kill for, it would seem that the South Coast maulers have everything in their armoury. Furthermore, lacing songs like with haunting atmospherics, “She Is Death” sees the metallic outfit up their game even further while the band sign off in crushing style with new single “A Pure Heart”.

For years the British modern metal scene has produced some great bands but sadly very few have lived up to the force that is the Stateside metal scene. However, that could be about to change with plenty of young acts like Cleanse The Hive and now Griever proving that we may have a fight on our hands to get worldwide notice but our bands are certainly up for a scrap.

Soul Searcher Track Listing:

01. Soul Searcher
02. Malevolant
03. Virulence
04. She Is Death
05. Liberate
06. A Pure Heart


Run Time: 25:06
Release Date: May 27, 2016

Check out the track “A Pure Heart”

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