Diamond Head. Does NWOBHM come to mind when you hear their name? Yes… How about Metallica’s “Am I Evil?” Why, but of course! But if you said they were coming out with a brand new release in 2016 with 11 kick-ass songs I’d say that you’re a fucking genius and should be finding a cure for cancer instead of reading music blogs!

In all seriousness, this might be one of my favorite releases this year. Diamond Head stuck to the NWOBHM formula and it’s just as fucking awesome now as it was 40 years (Not a typo!) ago. Diamond Head is full of catchy parts and the production is clean and punchy, just like all their previous work. They also have a new vocalist, Rasmus Born Anderson, and he compliments their sound perfectly.

Heavy Haiku Review

Diamond Head…Really???
Holy crap this band is old!
This album rocks hard.

Diamond Head Track Listing:

01. Bones
02. Shout at the Devil
03. Set My Soul on Fire
04. See You Rise
05. All the Reasons You Live
06. Wizard Sleeve
07. Our Time Is Now
08. Speed
09. Blood on My Hands
10. Diamonds
11. Silence

Run Time: 48:41
Release Date: June 24, 2016

Check out the Diamond Head album teaser