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Der Rote Milan – “Aus der Asche” [Heavy Haiku Album Review]

As far as examples of the black metal genre go, this album from Germans Der Rote Milan ticks all boxes. Read more here…



Der Rote Milan are a German Black Metal band and Aus der Asche which translates in English to “Out of the Ashes”, is their debut album. This is fine work for a debut, and for German Black Metal in general. There’s not a lot of info on these guys other than their Facebook page, and I don’t speak German, but I’d really like to learn and share more about them.

I can tell you this about Aus der Asche, it’s very composed and intricate for Black Metal in general. There are some parts that remind me of Behemoth, specifically “The Satanist” for the symphonic lacing of the heavy riffing and clean parts. The vocals seem to be one dimensional, but it doesn’t hurt the overall sound. The drumming is on par for the genre and so is the almost non-existent bass.

Heavy Haiku Review:

German Black Metal…
Melodic, yet punishing.
Very nice debut!

Aus der Asche Track Listing:

01. Der Aufstieg (The Ascent)
02. Nebel Und Regen (Fog and Rain)
03. Das Ende des Tempels (The End of the Temple)
04. Sühne und Schmerz (Atonement and Pain)
05. n (Ashes of the Soul)
06. Blutleere Stille (Bloodless Silence)
07. Ewige Dunkelheit (Eternal Darkness)
08. Der Abgrund (The Abyss)

Run Time: 38:57
Release Date: July 1, 2016

Check out the track “Seelenasche”