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Album Review

American Head Charge – “Tango Umbrella” [Album Review]

American Head Charge have been around forever and, as such, it would be fair to expect so much more from the band than what they offer on this record.



American Head Charge are a band I’ve known of for a long time and, of course, heard many songs. However, I must confess I’ve never really paid much attention to them, not because I disliked anything I’d heard, on the contrary in fact I’ve always really rather enjoyed them. Given that I can’t really consider myself a seasoned fan I am in a position to approach this review as a relative newbie to the band. Furthermore, given that the band have not released any new or original material since about 2005 I would’ve expected something a little better then what Tango Umbrella had to offer, but it is still a solid album which fans of nu metal and industrial will really rather enjoy.

The album opens with “Let All The World Believe” a tune that instantly feels like you are listening to Nine Inch Nails with a deep industrial drum beat that has the potential to make the furniture vibrate should you turn the bass way up. Next up is “Drowning Under Everything” quite a strong track in it’s own right but it has an “I’ve heard this before” vibe to it. Still it draws the listener in, with a catchy audience-friendly singalong verse. However, the main problem with this album was that, for many of the tracks, like “Drowning Under Everything”, not only did they sound very similar but they felt very much a clone of other bands work. Despite this, there are some songs that do grab your attention, for example “Sacred” which changes the pace of the album with a slightly more chilled out yet distorted feel. This is followed by the very contrasting sound of “I Will Have My Day” bringing a much more metal feel back to the album before the album returns to an even more chilled out vibe on “A King Among Men”, a piano-based instrumental with vocalist Cameron Heacock demonstrating his more emotional side.

As I said, I would not class myself as a fan of the band and although this is an enjoyable album, my experience of the band before this album goes to show that American Head Charge are capable of so much more.

Track Listing:

01. Let All The World Believe
02. Drowning Under Everything
03. Perfectionist
04. Sacred
05. I Will Have My Day
06. A King Among Men
07. Suffer Elegantly
08. Antidote
09. Prolific Catastrophe
10. Down And Depraved
11. When The Time Is Never Right

Run Time: 52:00
Release Date: March 25, 2016

Check out the song “Let All The World Believe”