There was a spiral staircase ascending from the base of a mountain to its summit which the Dwarves had built and named the Endless Stair and it had lay in legend in the Misty Mountains until the end of the Third Age. At the peak stood Durin’s Tower, here Gandalf and the Balrog fought a 3-day-long battle in which both were killed. Gandalf the Grey soon returned from this battle then to be known as Galdalf the White. This mountain summit was Zirakzigil.

For those of you now lost, this was a brief history of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Ziriakzigil also happens to be the name of a band from Portland and, instead of confusing you with more Elvish folklore, I’ll go ahead and talk about the band’s upcoming release, Worldbuilder (redux).

Worldbuilder was originally self-released in 2014 but, as the band began to make noise in the Pacific Northwest, Prosthetic Records quickly scooped up the trio and will now re-release the album with an added bonus track. While a little difficult to point out the album’s highlights (as most tracks are 15 minute epics), what you can expect are sludgy riffs large enough to fill Helm’s Deep that are nicely interrupted by frantic and progressive breakdowns throughout.

Those familiar with their debut recording, Battle of the Peak, can expect a step up to the “Battle of the Black Gate” from this album. The trio will be touring the West Coast this Spring with Wizards Rifle, shortly after the June 10th re-release of Worldbuilder.

Worldbuilder Track Listing:

01. Kategoria
02. Prolegomena
03. Will and Presentation
04. Terra Perricolosa
05. Prolegoria

Run Time: 64:32
Release Date: June 10, 2016

Check out the song “Kategoria”