Mouichido or, in English, “Repeat” is a reworking of Without Mercy’s 2014 EP Reborn which sees the Vancouver-based death metal outfit taking the original four-track EP and giving it a right working over. Unrelenting from the outset, Mouichido might only be a brief four songs and nineteen minutes long but, by the end of it, the Canadian death metal wrecking machine have left you in no doubt as to what they’re about.

Roping in Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter to add his feral roars to the track “In Waves”, Without Mercy live up to their name with a merciless, blunt lesson in sonic violence. Now, having never heard the original EP, it’s hard to compare the two so, this opinion is based solely on the content of this EP, That said, taking this EP on its own merit and listening to the crushing death metal smashed out for tunes like “Burn”, Without Mercy are clearly a band who believe in getting straight to the point and hammering that point home with devastating ferocity.

Mouichido Track Listing:

01. Worthless
02. In Waves (Ft. Mark Hunter of Chimaira)
03. Burn
04. Morphine

Run Time: 18:59
Release Date: May 27, 2016

Check out the song “Worthless”


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