On May 20, 2016 Chicago’s Weekend Nachos are releasing their final final album, Apology, via Relapse Records. Maybe they’re apologizing to the throngs of fans that will miss them, who knows? Either way, here’s a Heavy Haiku Review to commemorate the occasion.

PS: It looks like they’re only playing in Europe next fall, so if you happen to catch them, be sure to send them off appropriately!

Heavy Haiku Review:

Adios fellas…
Sludgy powerviolence!
Going out on top!

Apology Track Listing:

01. 2015
02. Dust
03. Fake Political Song
04. All
05. Judged
06. Dog Shit Slave
07. Writhe
08. N.A.R.C.
10. World Genocide
11. Eulogy
12. Night Plans
13. Apology

Run Time: 37:02
Release Date: May 20, 2016

Check out the song “Writhe”