Unless you’ve been listening to anything on the Clear Channel Radio Network, Doomsday prepping or too preoccupied with sharing something useless on social media for the past five year or so…newsflash!!! There’s been a resurgence of Thrash Metal! Bands like Vektor, Havok and Hatchet have made it once again cool to wear white high-tops with the tongues sticking out, baseball caps with the bills flipped up, and to sport spotty facial hair! To celebrate this renaissance of mosh, I present thee with War Curse and their EP, Final Days.

I listened to a lot of thrash metal in my formative years; in fact, I believe I lost my virginity while Exodus’ Bonded by Blood was playing in the background… That should give me plenty of street cred on the subject matter. There is no doubt in my mind that War Curse is on a warpath to becoming a thrash band to be reckoned with. All the elements are there musically and lyrically; choppy, chug chug Marshall JCM 800-laden guitar lines, d-beat worship sprinkled with double-bass runs on the drums, bass you can actually hear in the mix and socio-political lyrical subject matter barked in a manner that you pump your fist to. They kind of remind me of a mix between Faith or Fear and Artillery. That’s some old-school Thrash Metal… not familiar? Google them….

Final Days is a great start for War Curse, but to be critical, they’re going to have to step up their game to take some of the spotlight from the gluttony of super-talented thrash bands that have recently come out of the woodwork. War Curse are currently in the studio recording their follow-up album and hopefully it’s a full-length, because I want to hear more! They’ll be touring the mid-west U.S. this summer with Miami death thrash pioneers, Solstice. Time to bust out those white high-tops!

Final Days Track Listing:

01. Dawn Patrol
02. Blue Line Of Injustice
03. Severed Crosses
04. Final Days
05. New Chemical Warfare
06. Drudge

Run Time: 30:37
Release Date: June 17, 2016

Check out the album Final Days