By Kat Harlton
Photos by Aaron Tamachi (ftom CMW 2015)

For anyone unfamiliar with The Lazys; they are a gritty, unabashed rock band out of NSW Australia. Their set generally includes leaping about the stage, head banging, guitar solos and general mayhem. So when I found out that two  of their members, Matt Morris and Leon Harrison were performing last minute acoustic sessions for Canadian Music Week, I was intrigued.

How could they possibly harness all of that raw energy and vocal power?  As it turns out, they don’t.

I was able to catch them at an early show at Toronto’s The Supermarket, playing stripped down versions of some of their most popular songs such as All Fired Up, Show Me What You’re Made Of, and their most recent single, Howling Woman, delivered with only an acoustic guitar.  Just the two of them put on a better rock show than I’ve seen some full rock bands I’ve sent.

Leon Harrison delivered his signature vocals hitting all the marks, and Matt Morris still made his guitar sing, making sure to also add some hair flipping and head banging for good measure. They even managed to get the crowd up and yelling, which is something rarely seen during an acoustic performance.

The Lazys had fun, the audience had fun, and it was a great time. You should definitely catch the band, either as an acoustic duo or a full band, the next chance you get.