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Katatonia – “The Fall of Hearts” [Album Review]

On Katatonia’s newest Peaceville Records offering, The Fall of Hearts, lush, intricate landscapes are woven into the fabric of every song resulting in a melodic metal tapestry.



Katatonia have been the untouched masters of melancholic hard rock/metal for more than 20 years now and their newest release, The Fall of Hearts, carries on that long-standing tradition and further solidifies their position at the top of the genre. I feel with great confidence that you can pick up any of Katatonia’s discs and find tunes that are both emotionally brooding and engaging. To me, this is sort of the equivalent of a heavier, more intricate version of Robert Smith and The Cure. I am a metal head for sure, but there is time when I don’t want to be beaten upside the noggin by a barrage of growling, guttural vocals and neck-snapping riffs; that is when I turn to a record such as this.

Top to bottom, The Fall of Hearts is a very good album. Katatonia does not stray far from their trademark sound, but honestly, why change something that has worked so well for so long? I am a big fan of sitting on my front porch and chilling at the end of a long hard day and, with the good weather just around the corner, the release of The Fall of Hearts comes at the perfect time. I imagine it will be the soundtrack of many upcoming summer nights.

Musically the band has never sounded better, they seem to be firing on all cylinders. Lush, intricate landscapes are woven into the fabric of every song resulting in a melodic metal tapestry that I can’t seem to get enough of. Fans of the band are going to truly dig this one, but I think beyond that, the songs are so easily accessible that there is something on here for everyone.

The Fall of Hearts Track Listing:

01. Takeover
02. Serein
03. Old Heart Falls
04. Decima
05. Sanction
06. Residual
07. Serac
08. Last Song Before The Fade
09. Shifts
10. The Night Subscriber
11. Pale Flag
12. Passer

Run Time: 67:58
Release Date: May 20, 2016

Check out the song “Old Heart Falls”