Back in 2007, when Incite released their debut album, it would have been a safe bet to say that the interest surrounding the band was because of the Cavalera family connection. However, over the years and the albums that followed, Richie and whichever musician have joined him have carved out quite a reputation for themselves as a promising young band.

With Oppression, their fourth album to date; however, they can no longer be considered a new band and it’s time for Incite to deliver on that promise. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened. From the moment that opening track “Never Surrender” hits, you get a feeling that Oppression will follow the same path as the previous three albums and, in that respect, it doesn’t disappoint. Disappointingly though, there isn’t really a standout track as they all seem to just blend into one another.

Oppression sees Incite deliver an album of what is best described as “more of the same.” That progression you would have hoped for is almost non-existent and although there is nothing particularly wrong with what they have written, you fear there is little on here to stop both it and the band from getting lost in the crowd.

Track Listing:

01. Never Surrender
02. Lost Reality
03. Stagnant
04. No Remorse
05. Oppression
06. Life’s Disease
07. Forced Into Life
08. Worst Of Me
09. I Want It All
10. Silenced

Run Time: 33:10
Release Date: April 22, 2016

Check out the song “No Remorse”