Oklahoma-based rockers, Hinder, known for their mushy lyrics and power ballads, are dropping the rock down a notch with the release of a six song EP entitled Stripped, consisting of nothing but acoustic tracks. The EP is due on May 13, 2016 and to accompany said recording the guys will embark on their very first all acoustic tour.

Originally recorded by the Belgium rock band K’s Choice, Hinder does a decent job on the cover of “Not an Addict”. The EP’s five other tunes are acoustic renditions of tracks from various Hinder albums. Stripped is certainly different from what fans will be used to hearing from the guys, but different does not necessarily mean bad. I am not going to say the listener will be overwhelmed by any of the tracks, but it is a good, easy listen from the Multi-platinum group.

Stripped Track Listing:

01. Not An Addict (acoustic) 4:01
02. Intoxicated (acoustic) 3:15
03. Wasted Life (acoustic) 3:20
04. Hit The Ground (acoustic) 3:24
05. If Only For Tonight (acoustic) 3:39
06. Get Stoned (acoustic) 3:42

Run Time: 20:41
Release Date: May 13, 2016

Check out the song “Wasted Life”