Hollow Leg, hailing from Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced ‘lĕh-‘nérd ‘skin-‘nérd) country near Jacksonville, Florida, play a self-described mix of doom, sludge and traditional heavy metal. I reckon with this assessment. The band are preparing to re-release their album Crown on June 24, 2016 via Argonauta Records in conjunction with a soon-to-be-announced tour. Make sure you wear your best pirate outfit when you check them out…Arrr matey! PureGrainAudio recently passed the pentagram their way and this is what Brent Lynch (guitars/backing vox) threw back at us.

When I think of Hollow Leg, I think of a pirate hobbling along. Is that the imagery you were going for when the band name was decided upon? Please explain.
Lynch: I believe you are thinking of “peg leg” or “wooden leg.” Having a hollow leg means you can drink a great amount of alcohol without showing intoxication – as if the alcohol drains to a fake limb. So what you should think of is heavy music for heavy drinkers. But we are also not anti-pirate.

So tell me, being from Jacksonville, Florida, how many of you sported mullets in your formative years?
Lynch: None to my knowledge. Plus none of us are originally from Jacksonville, and only 2 from Florida.

In your bio you state: “The tying bind continues with Hollow Leg’s affinity for the roots of American Blues music and English metal. That love outpours with angst, pessimism, and a creative fighting spirit forged from the scope of working class musicians.” Can you translate this for dummies, please?
Lynch: We are not pirates, we like Black Sabbath, and we have not quit our day jobs to play in this band.

You guys aren’t the best looking, so who gets the most action in the band?
Lynch: The married guy.

I noticed that your Bandcamp HTML address is http://hollowleg666.bandcamp.com. Is it fair to assume that y’all worship the mighty goat lord and drink Gatorade while watching the Jaguars kick some ass during the season?
Lynch: We worship the pig, drink bacon fat, and watch the weekend shoppers at Wal-Mart compete in the hot body contest.

666: Bonus Question! On your most recent release, Crown, there’s a song entitled “Seaquake”. Are you secretly hoping that this will take out Florida, or at the very least, California?
Lynch: Florida, California, Mexico, Canada, and England. The shining island of the American Mid-West will remain and we can be great again. Good interview, now kindly fuck off!

Check out the song “Electric Veil”