By Kat Harlton
Photos  Tiffany Shum

This past Saturday evening I headed to The Cave above Lee’s Palace to check out electro/pop newcomer Eden Warsaw for his second Canadian Music Week show. Backed by a 3-piece band of Kyle Densmore on drums, Troy Donaldson on bass and P-Chan on synth/guitar; each song had a determined and precise presence and truly showcased Warsaw’s diversity.

Performing a more alternative sound to the recordings, it brought out an intensity I didn’t expect. I felt the band as a whole are starting to discover and push themselves out of their comfort zone, and it’s this confidence and unapologetic attitude that really captured my attention.

They performed many new tracks I hadn’t heard before, such as Boulevard (my favorite of the night) and Angel Dust, but also included material off their debut album, Searching For Someone. Eden Warsaw is good at what he does, he knows his sound, he knows his audience, and he isn’t trying to be something he’s not.

I caught up with the band briefly after their set and they mentioned that they already have a new album completed and lots of material still to come. If you like fast paced beats, synths and guitars, then you’ll love his work and you’ll want to listen to it again and again.