There must be something in the water in Scotland which is causing the underground metal scene there to spit out an endless stream of top quality bands like Cleanse The Hive. Inspired by the likes of Lamb Of God and early Bring Me The Horizon, it takes all of about, ooh, thirty seconds of opening track “Eviscerate” before it sinks in that this EP is going to be both fucking heavy AND very special indeed.

Jarringly heavy, the Scottish band maul their way through the rumbling “Cities Of Gold” blending low-end guttural vocals with higher pitched screams into the technically flawless deathcore. Okay, the formula used by Cleanse The Hive may be well-worn these days but there is nothing tired about the way the Scottish bruisers set about their business. Precise, crushing grooves sit neatly in with the low/high-pitched vocals to create something that, as said in the intro, is very special.

Even at only five tracks long, From The Depths has nothing you can fault it on. Whereas some bands might take this blueprint and add nothing to the mix, tracks like “Terror Rising” are the work of a group who really have the ability to make heavy music sound exciting.

From The Depths Track Listing:

01. Eviscerate
02. Cities Of Gold
03. The Reign Of Tyrants
04. From The Depths
05. Terror Rising

Run Time: 19:56
Release Date: April 17, 2016

Check out the track “Eviscerate”


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