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Album Review

Cilver – “Not The End Of The World” [Album Review]

If you’re looking for pure emotion without having to listen to a whiny emo band, may we point you in the direction of this album? Read our review for more info…



Hailing from the Big Apple itself, Cilver have made a name for themselves since their inception in 2014 forming a firm and loyal fanbase along the way but now it’s time for them to share their music with the rest of the world.

Admission time first though. I’ve always had a soft spot for the female fronted rock n’ roll bands, given the male dominated industry, so, when a band demonstrates the energy in the way Cilver does it cements my place as a new fan. Not The End of The World is an incredibly strong debut blending punk rock with a splash of good old rock n’ roll. From the very start with “Break Free” vocalist Uliana Preotu makes a bold statement with her terrific voice powering through lyrics full of angst-filled feelings we all have about needing to escape from stressful and mundane lives. It’s all backed up with the kind of guitar riffs that make you lick your lips with delight. After a bristling start, the energy does not falter, in fact it picks up more with “I’m America” a tune all about the American Dream and how so many are being left behind. Once again the groovy riffs and pure rock bass lines are all held together with a simple yet effective drum line.

The energy stays high with “Headstone” played in a similar tone to the previous songs while also demonstrating Preotu’s exceptional vocal abilities. “Razorblade” has a slightly different feel to what has come before with much more distortion on the guitar, along with riffs that would make Slash himself take note. Next on the line-up of top tunes is “Afterlife” yet again another catchy slice of punk rock encouraging you to grab life by the metaphorical balls and live it to its fullest. By the midway point of the album the tempo slows down and the whole mood of the album changes and features instruments such as the piano and percussion to compliment what truly is an emotional ballad of a tune, it really is a song that belongs on a massive stage at a festival.

I could easily comment on every song on this album as they all deserve recognition but, take my word for it, nothing here disappoints. If you’re looking for pure emotion without sounding like some whiny emo band, Cilver really are the band you should check out, whatever your musical taste is.

Track Listing:

01. Break Free
02. I’m America
03. Headstone
04. Razorblade
05. Afterlife
06. Frozen
07. It’s My Life
08. Bleed For You
09. In My Head
10. Behind These Eyes
11. Not Afraid

Run Time: 41:11
Release Date: April 29, 2016

Check out the track “I’m America” here.