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Nothing like some good free music to get you through your day! Today, we’re pleased to offer up a download of the song “Candles and Flowers” from London psych rock trio, Bright Curse. Taken from their new album Before The Shore, which dropped on May 13th via HeviSike Records (purchase it here), the song is a perfect example of the band’s groovy, chilled-out psychedelic rock. Be sure to catch the guys on the road this May throughout Europe.

Said guitarist and vocalist Romain Daut about the song “Candles and Flowers”: “I wrote that song after the Paris attacks, the week of November 13th, everybody was lighting up candles and displaying flowers in Paris and I think our whole scene got pretty messed up about it, it was scary. I lost friends of friends, no one really close thankfully, but still people like us. There are two distinct phases in the song as you might have noticed, each one representing sadness and anger. I just wanted to have that on a record, that’s my way to not forget about it.”

Tour Dates:

05/20 – El Diablo (w. Space Fisters) – Lille, France
05/21 – Le Bocal – Caen, France
05/22 – Void (w. Space Fisters) – Bordeaux, France
05/23 – Puzzle Pub (w. Space Fisters) – Tours, France
05/24 – La Scène Michelet (w. Space Fisters) – Nantes, France
05/25 – L’Espace B (w. Space Fisters) – Paris, France
05/26 – The Cave – Amsterdam, Netherlands
05/27 – The Odonien – Cologne, Germany
05/28 – L’Entrepôt – Arlon, Belgium
06/01 – Deep Inside – Dijon, France
06/02 – Les Capucins – Lyon, France
06/03 – Bistro KA – Karlsruhe, Germany
06/04 – Venue TBA – Cologne, Germany
06/07 – Kalvingrad, L’Usine – Geneva, Switzerland
06/08 – L’Appart Café – Reims, France


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