When listening to the newest helping of tunes from Texas-based rock band, Wo Fat, I get a feeling of nostalgia. I’m taken back in time to a place where vinyl records ruled, when rock was dirty, gritty, dark and mixed with unrelenting, dramatic rhythm and heavy riffs. With a flavorful taste of blues, Wo Fat’s latest album, Midnight Cometh, continues the group’s propensity for heavy, murky sounds.

Midnight Cometh features six killer songs which, track after track, seem to blister the ears. “Of Smoke and Fog” is nearly ten minutes of psychedelic sounds where you can vision a young Hendrix bending strings amongst flickering lights and a foggy stage. “Riffborn”, which is one of my favorites on the album, has more of an upbeat, groovy vibe while “There’s Somethin Sinister in the Wind” sounds like just that, baleful and shadowy, with a heavy dose of crashing symbols, forceful drums, and screaming guitar solos. Other songs, such as “Le Dilemme De Detenu”, “Three Minutes to Midnight” and “Nightcomer”, continue Wo Fat’s unforgettable, powerful sound and will no doubt have the Wo Fat fans salivating for more.

It is hardcore and heavy, intense and stout, and although there are only six songs on this one, four of the tunes carry on for more than seven minutes. The Wo Fat sound has not changed with this latest effort and I believe, when it is released May 20th, the fans will not be let down one bit, nor will they be surprised with anything new. That said, they will most certainly be entertained.

Track Listing:

01. There’s Something Sinister in the Wind
02. Riffborn
03. Of Smoke and Fog
04. Le Dilemme de Detenu
05. Three Minutes to Midnight
06. Nightcomer

Run Time: 48:31
Release Date: May 20, 2016

Check out the song “Three Minutes To Midnight”.