I’ve been an admirer of the thunderous blast of THC for a few years now – since 2010, to be precise, around the time their second studio album, Rollin’, was released. Dark Side of Black is the Red Dirt Metal collective’s fifth long-playing effort (their fourth on Carved Records) and it’s set to drop on April 22.

The group’s previous LP, 2014’s Ride On, hit number eight on the iTunes Rock Album Chart and number five on the Billboard Hard Music Chart, and the four friends from Denison, Texas will be hoping their new release – their heaviest album to date, according to singer Big Dad Rich – continues that momentum.

“Come Get It” kicks things off impressively; the powerful voice of the above-mentioned Mr. Rich as dominant as ever. Metal fans will love the frenetic “Angel Fall,” though I much preferred “Shakin’ Baby,” an insanely groovy slice of Southern rock. “Knee Deep” is another instant classic….

“Dark Side” is a solid rock track, but things don’t get really good again until “Rise,” a hard-hitting anthem with some virtuoso guitar and an exhaustive vocal performance that goes from death growl to classic rock wailing.

I do like Texas Hippie Coalition and I do like this album, but as an overall package – and despite some storming tracks – I don’t think it’s their best work. Rock fans who are into the harder end of the spectrum may disagree with me, however.

Track Listing:

01. Come Get It
02. Angel Fall
03. Shakin’ Baby
04. Knee Deep
05. Villain
06. Into the Wall
07. Dark Side
08. Rise
09. Hit It Again
10. Gods Are Angry

Run Time:
Release Date: April 22, 2016

Check out the song “Come Get It”.