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Not sure why, but as of late we’ve been seeing an increasing number of heavy music coming out of Russia. Are we complaining? Hell no! Loud music loud music and the more we can check out, the better. That said, you’ve gotta check out this very new (and intriguing) group called Quintenza. Why are they of interest to you? Long story short, these musicians are the products of an education in classical music via the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory, yet they took said knowledge and moved away from their roots to create something utterly different.

All things aurally alternative were calling these musical keeners and within no time they were wowing locals with their own mix. Utilising their classical training, Quintenza have concocted a mind-blowing mix of trancecore, rap, dubstep, metal, and so much more. Fans of groups like Enter Shikari, Muse, Deftones, Bjork or Shostakovitch? You’ll want in on this bandwagon. Grab the free download of “Quintenza” today and gear up for the May 1st, release of the band’s debut, S.K.T.D..

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