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Networks – “Enough To Save Us” [EP] [Album Review]

Even though Networks’ sound contains a lot of familiarity and may be far from groundbreaking, the UK maulers are far from one-dimensional. Read our review here…



Earlier this year at Butserfest I had my head battered by the aural assault smashed out by South East UK maulers Networks. Well, a few months later I’m sat here going through exactly the same thing as I listen to their new EP Enough To Save Us. An unrelenting, uncompromising assault from the outset, Enough To Save Us does thankfully offer up more than just ten tonnes of brutality down to the fact that, while the main course of this EP is one of skull-cracking heaviness, Networks have realized that a splash of melody in there will give the dish something of a flavour.

Take “End Of An Era” as an example where the band temper their bludgeoning metalcore with a dark, disturbing melody with frontman Sean Kelly howling “when will we live our fucking lives” over the top of it. It’s an effective shift in the sound of this EP and one that most definitely helps this release stand out from the rest of the pack.

Elsewhere, the rest of the material is a mix of crunchy metalcore, galloping traditional metal guitars, guttural vocals and brutal breakdowns – nothing remotely groundbreaking but, when combined with the melodies and the dark, suffocating air this band creates, the end product is far from being the one-dimensional metalcore demonstration it could have been.

Track Listing:

01. Wires (Intro)
02. Wires
03. End Of An Era
04. Darker Truth
05. Enough To Save Us


Run Time: 14:33
Release Date: November 27, 2015

Check out the song “End Of An Era”.

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