Radio personality and Music expert Alan Cross has announced his next Music Technology Record Store Day Event, April 16.  The event is free to attend and the Music Technology Group is free to join. Pizza, snacks, drinks, and beer will be served–all free of charge. The experts will delve into topics like engineering/mastering for vinyl, electroforming and plating, and the record pressing itself. Those interested in attending the event should RSVP at

Speaking this round will be:

Kevin Park – Lacquer Channel (

Kevin is a master cutting engineer. He is a lacquer expert and will be speaking about the vinyl process from the mastering and engineering side of business. He will offer an in-depth presentation on the difficulties of this process and how technology plays a massive role in his work.

Alex Greenspan – Digital Matrix (

Alex has been operating Digital Matrix since 1982 and is an expert in electroforming and vinyl record plating technology. He is well-versed in both old and modern technologies and is currently revolutionizing the vinyl record plating industry. He will be speaking on the electroforming and the galvanic process of making vinyl records.

Chad Brown – Viryl Technologies (

Chad is the CEO of Viryl Technologies. He will be speaking on vinyl record pressing and the past, present, and future of the industry. He will thoroughly discuss new technology and how it is revolutionizing vinyl records and addressing the massive bottlenecks in vinyl manufacturing. Chad was the owner of ACME Vinyl pressing plant in Markham, Ontario from 2003-2007 and is also an engineer experienced with MRI coils. He is one of three owners’ at Viryl Technologies and has very much spearheaded the initiative to bring new record pressing technology to the world.

Record Pressing Seminar – Led by the Viryl Team

There will be a small scale seminar where a few attendees will be able to press a manual record and others will be able to witness record pressing in action.

Event Agenda

2:00       Doors open
3:00       Presentations start
4:00       Open floor/networking

6:00       Doors close


16 Goodrich Road, Unit D, Toronto. The location is very easily accessible by subway, about a 30 minutes ride on the TTC. Simply subway to Islington station and take the 44 south and exit at Jutland rd.

For more information, visit or email