Fuck me, where did this come from? Australia is all about beaches, gorgeous bronzed women and Kylie Minogue! Melbourne brutalists Inverloch are very much the opposite to how the travel brochures portray Aussie life. Being serious for a minute though, if Distance | Collapsed is an example of the kind of raw, horrifying music the Aussie extreme metal scene is spewing out then I’m in!

Distance Collapsed is as filthy and unattractive as extreme metal can possibly get but then you really shouldn’t go expecting anything different from a band featuring half of legendary act Disembowelment. It’s a horrible record to listen to, from start to finish, as the Melbourne outfit pack in as many sludgy, brutal riffs and shit-stained guttural vocals as they possible can into the five tracks that make up their debut album. Exploding into bursts of raw blast-beat extremity, the likes of “Lucid Delirium” possess the sort of sound that was the backbone of the death metal scene before the fancy haircuts and skinny jean brigade took it over and turned it into a fucking fashion show.

Grindy, sludgy, doomy, Distance Collapsed sounds like flies buzzing around a rotting corpse and is the kind of record that takes you back to the days when the words “death metal” and “core” sat at very opposite ends of the heavy music spectrum. This is a nasty record and comes thoroughly recommended to any old-school death metal scumbag.

Track Listing:

01. Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)
02. From The Eventide Pool
03. Lucid Delirium
04. The Empyrean Torment
05. Cataclysm Of Lacuna

Run Time: 61:42
Release Date: March 4, 2016

Check out the track “Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)”.

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