April 22, 2016 was the day Candlebox fans finally got their turn at listening to the latest helping of tunes from the Seattle-based rock band and, if they were expecting Candlebox of old, they had another thing coming. The newest album, Disappearing in Airports, does not have the sound of past Candlebox, and purposely so, stated founder and vocalist, Kevin Martin. “Although you may hear a little of Candlebox in the mix, we did not want a reproduced Candlebox.” And by all means, it does not sound replicated.

Drummer Dave Krusen, who played with the band from the mid to late ’90s, and singer Kevin Martin are the only members from the band’s retro years. Sure, bassist Adam Kury has played with the band since 2007, but lead guitarist Mike Leslie and rhythm guitarist Brian Quinn are both fairly new. So, with that being said, that could one of the reasons behind the fresh and contemporary sound that this album offers.

Disappearing in Airports features a multi-sound atmosphere; it rocks, it pops, it loves a little, and even has a bit of a political side. There are ten tracks – plus one bonus tune if purchased digitally – and I have to say, there honestly is not a bad song in the bunch. This, the band’s sixth full-length, boasts a handful of catchy, colorful tunes and overall, it is a damn good sound and worth the listen. I have already listened to the album a handful of times and with each spin the good vibes grow on me more.

Track Listing:

01. Only Because Of You
02. Vexacious
03. Supernova
04. Alive At Last
05. I’ve Got A Gun
06. I Want It Back
07. The Bridge
08. Spotlights
09. Crazy
10. God’s Gift
11. Keep On Waiting *digital bonus track*

Run Time: 40:65
Release Date: April 22, 2016

Check out the song “Vexacious”