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ALL HAIL THE YETI Stream New Track “Mr. Murder” Featuring 36 CRAZYFISTS Singer Brock Lindow

US hardcore metallers All Hail The Yeti are streaming a new track from their upcoming new album Screams From A Black Wilderness online. Check out ‘Mr.Murder’ here.



Southern-fried hardcore metal squad, All Hail The Yet are showcasing a new song, ‘Mr Murder’ from their upcoming second album, Screams From A Black Wilderness. The track features guest vocals from 36 Crazyfists’ frontman, Brock Lindow, a longtime friend of the band.

Vocalist Connor Garritty reveals that “Mr Murder” in particular steps outside the overall horror story theme of the album. It was originally written as a surprise tribute to Garritty’s best friend, penned before his untimely passing last year. The band decided to use the track on this record, immortalizing Connor’s friend in music. “‘Mr. Murder’ was written about my best friend Matt who passed away last year. He was one of the most influential people for me growing up and throughout my music career. The song was originally written in tribute to him and his unbelievable strength and passion for life. He left us unexpectedly before I could show him the song. It was supposed to be a surprise, almost a thank you to him for helping in more ways than he knew.”

Garritty adds that having Brock Lindow on the track was fitting, as he and Matt were also friends.”We knew early in the writing of the record that we wanted Brock Lindow on the album. Brock and Matt were friends as well, so it seemed fitting that this would be the song he sang on. It was special for me because he is one of my best friends as well and such an influence to me as a vocalist. ‘Mr. Murder’ has become an anthem to my best friend, immortalizing him forever. It’s very emotional for me when performing this. I go between sadness and great happiness by the end of the song.”

Screams From A Black Wilderness Track Listing:

01. Before The Flames
02. Plague Dance
03. Let The Night Roar
04. Mr. Murder (feat. Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists)
05. Lady Of The Night
06. Witch Is Dead
07. Daughter Of The Morning Star
08. Sun Will Never Set
09. Fall Of Core
10. Breaking On The Wheel
11. Nemesis Queen
12. Angels Envy

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